Thanks, Goyo: Rainbow Six Siege’s new gadget keeps killing friendlies

Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators, Amaru and Goyo, are officially out in the wild. I’ve spent the last few days (and weeks on the test server) wrapping my head around them. It’s been a rough road. The Amaru’s Garra grapple hook and Goyo’s Volcan shield are cool gadgets, but they both feel uneven in completely different ways.

Defending has never felt more dangerous. I’m constantly a little worried that I’ll be burned alive thanks to Goyo, because his Volcan deployable shields hide an explosive charge that spreads fire around it.

Ideally, the Volcan shield is a powerful tool for defenders to deny a crucial door or hallway during a defuser plant or the last seconds of a round. But so far, it’s been difficult to use Goyo in that way. What sets the Volcan shield apart from other traps is that anyone can activate it (even attackers) by shooting it or tossing an explosive grenade, so it’s incredibly important for Goyo to place them carefully.

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