What you need to know before playing World of Warcraft

Little known fact: World of Warcraft was a very different game 15 years ago.

Yeah, just in case Blizzard going through the pains of re-releasing ancient software on modern servers to satiate fan outcry that’s reached boiling point has missed you, World of Warcraft Classic is a distinctly old-school experience. Plenty of that has to do with the low-res graphics and splotchy textures, but Classic also recalls an era when World of Warcraft put the ‘RPG’ in MMORPG. In layman’s terms: less of a mobile game, more a get-ganked-a-million-times-in-front-of-the-Blackrock-Depths portal experience.

So if you started playing after Cataclysm and arriving at vanilla Warcraft for the first time, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I started playing in 2005, and have kept up with every expansion since, giving me a good idea of some of the things younger adventurers should be wary of when they log into Azeroth and discover their Dungeon Finder missing. Here are eight things you need to know for World of Warcraft Classic.

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